Repair Price List

Surfboards, SUP paddles, windsurf boards, and kite boards.  Boats, kyaks, carbon fiber and other fiberglass things. The weirder the better! Just ask

Surfboard ding repair price guide
 Small         $50
 + addition small ding on the same board $20
 Medium     $80
 Large $120 & up
 Jumbo     $150 & up
 Future fin boxs and longboard boxes $150 each
 FCS fin plugs $60 each

When will my board be ready?!? 1 Week.  Need it sooner?  Turnaround time works just like FedEx
 Same day
 + $150
Overnight + $100
 2 Day Air + $60
 Standard Ground (1 week) + $0

Pickup and delivery available for and additional charge